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It started back in 1958, when 14 year old Dave “Batman” Goddard started to play bass with a couple of friends.  The Backbeats, as they were known, played local clubs in South Wales alongside, among others, Tommy Scott & The Senators – better known now as Tom Jones! 


A young fan often in the front row when they played, was sometimes invited on stage to sing with them.  By 1968, that fan had become Shakin’ Stevens, and the nucleus of the Backbeats had become The Sunsets. During the next ten years they toured extensively in the U.K. and Europe and had appearances on T.V. and radio.


It was with sadness – and best wishes – that the band watched Shaky leave to appear as Elvis in Jack Good’s West End show of the same name. The Sunsets then went solo. Ever since then, they have performed continually, delighting fans in the UK, Europe and Australia.


Over the years, the band has shared stages with the likes of the Rolling Stones  and Carl Perkins – and in fact, with more Rock n’ Roll icons than they care to remember. With over 30 years of continuous regular performing, The Sunsets deliver a memorable and exciting rock n’ roll experience.


The music continues to be timeless. The Sunsets appeal crosses the generations. A selection of their recent gigs include the annual sixth form dance at a well known public school, numerous rock n’ roll revival weekends, and playing to a crowd of 12,000 at an open-air festival in Perth, Western Australia.  What they deliver is wall-to-wall entertainment, guaranteed to delight all ages.







The Sunsets


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